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Electron is a framework that allows for development of desktop apps using the same technologies and principles for development of websites and web apps. It has seen extensive use in the tech industry by companies such as Microsoft, Spotify, Slack, and Discord. Angular, React, and other popular front-end tools can be leveraged alongside the Electron framework to build out experiences with animations, design systems, maps, and more.

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Why we use it

Technique Matters.

Cross Platform

Electron apps run on every desktop platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux. This allows for quicker development time, easier maintenance, and a single, unified experience for all users.

Fast Onboarding

Electron apps are developed in the same manner as a modern website would be. Since developers write Electron apps using all the tools they already know — JavaScript, HTML, and CSS — teams can begin utilizing this framework right away.

Powerful Applications

B2B and B2C use cases across a range of industries are powered by Electron. One of the ways we've utilized the framework is to power a desktop application that pairs with React to control and monitor autonomous vehicles with map integrations.

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