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AR Business Cards


We made a tried-and-true business tool more dynamic, providing a fresh take on networking

The Challenge

Business cards contain essential professional information, but the medium is dated. To illustrate our growing XR service area capabilities and provide employees with an engaging way to share their professional information, we took on the challenge of taking historically static business cards and using the power of AR to bring them to life.

Our Solution

Fresh designers and developers, confined to designing an AR experience that fit on the physically small size of a business card, were forced to think creatively about leveraging physical anchors to make essential business information pop. We utilized Unity to create interactive AR elements for a profile photo, autoplaying video, portfolio work, and display buttons for social media. The end result was extending a card’s dimensions far beyond a three and a half by two-inch space.

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Key Contributors

Darryl Nicholson
Darryl Nicholson
Johnny Rodriguez
Johnny Rodriguez