Sleep Genius
An app for healthy sleep


We partnered with one of the world’s most advanced neuroscience teams to launch a sleep-aiding mobile app

The Challenge

Sleep Genius, an organization staffed by a team of neuroscientists and specialists in music therapy and sleep wellness, wanted to build and launch a mobile app and chose Fresh to execute from start to finish. The challenge arose in taking the sophisticated products and technology Sleep Genius creates and packaging it to appeal to customers, bringing visibility to a new business seeking to enter the competitive app space.

Our Solution

Fresh was responsible for all of Sleep Genius’ core touchpoints. Collaborating closely with the Sleep Genius team, we created the name and visual brand elements. We also designed the mobile UI and the mobile app design, completed iPhone and Android development, and designed and developed the website and videos that appear across the site.


Propelling an industry leader into orbit

Sleep Genius had a deep understanding of the science of sleep, based on cutting-edge work with astronauts who manned the International Space Station and suffered from insomnia due to various causes. Stakeholders at Sleep Genius had the neurosensory algorithms, binaural technology, and psychoacoustic aids they needed to create the technology, but they needed a partner to package all of it into a compelling, user-friendly customer experience. 

We assisted Sleep Genius throughout the entire process, creating the name, crafting the brand, designing the mobile app, developing it across multiple operating systems, building and deploying the website, and producing extensive video.



A clinically-tested infant sleep app

Recognizing that the same technology could be extended to aid infant sleep, we helped Sleep Genius design a premier baby sleep app that leverages their unprecedented neurological research on the impact of music and sound in creating healthy sleep patterns of babies. Powered by scientific, psychoacoustic technology, the app is also designed for seamless integration in nurseries, hospitals, NICUs, and various other settings.



End-to-end video production

Sleep Genius founders received several rounds of financing after we finished the website and applications. Additional video work helped Sleep Genius advertise the app and build a loyal following. Our video content helped Sleep Genius garnered more than 1 million downloads, supported leadership and marketing efforts, and created an evangelization platform for one of the top downloaded apps, with extensive media coverage nationwide.

I truly appreciate all the great work you have done for me thus far. You have been highly honest and upfront and we have developed a great working relationship and that is something I sincerely hope to be able to continue doing in the future on other projects.

Colin House CEO, Sleep Genius





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