Jeff Dance

Jeff is Founder and CEO of Fresh Consulting. Formerly a Strategy & Operations Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Jeff brings years of experience in the creative design and digital technology space, building teams and overseeing hundreds of digital projects.

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World Blender: Transforming the Gaming Landscape

You are waiting in line at a deli, when all of the sudden your phone beeps. It’s alerting you that a deadly missile is headed your way…and it’s from your girlfriend! Getting lunch at the deli near her office put you in range. Time to impact is five minutes, will you return fire, defend yourself,
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Brand & Visual Design

Your Social Media Execution starts with LISTENING!

Your social media execution starts with LISTENING! We believe social media execution starts with listening. Period.  What does that mean?  Brands are varied. We need to gather requirements that are unique for a brand, then craft a strategy. Clients have great ideas. Our job as consultants is to offer and informed perspective, but you have
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Glimpses into the future of Search, Computing, and Technology

As we prepare for the future, we look to emergent innovation, not just continuous innovation. To help understand what’s coming, we hypothesize on the near term, mid term, and long term timing of a few concepts worth watching a video about (below). While emergent vs. continuous could be argued for the concepts below, all are
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10 questions to evaluate your Enterprise 2.0 adoption strategy

Just because Enterprise 2.0 tools are often easier to use and social in nature doesn’t mean everyone is going to adopt them. After all, there is always inertia to change no matter what it is, especially with how busy we all are. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, a little planning
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Enterprise 2.0 Technology delivers more Efficiency (4 of 10)

More Efficiency (part 4 of 10-part Enterprise 2.0 series introduced here) Our approach to efficiency is outdated The scientific management movement developed distinct processes to decouple management and labor and break down skills into discrete automated tasks with the goal of removing inefficiencies and implementing measurement and control. It worked. The more efficient you were,
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Culture, News

The Fresh Consulting Logo Unveils Its Simple Yet Sophisticated Story

Our ideal for the Fresh Consulting logo was for it to be simple, yet sophisticated. In fact, long before we settled on the name Fresh Consulting, we were thinking of naming our group the “Occams Razor Group.” In summary, “Occams Razor” means “simple yet sophisticated.” A beautiful principle and a lofty goal for a logo.
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