10 questions to evaluate your Enterprise 2.0 adoption strategy


Just because Enterprise 2.0 tools are often easier to use and social in nature doesn’t mean everyone is going to adopt them. After all, there is always inertia to change no matter what it is, especially with how busy we all are.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, a little planning and follow through can go a long way towards realizing the benefits of new technology. With adoption being the end goal to any new technology implementation, here are 10 questions and best practices to evaluate your Enterprise 2.0 adoption strategy:

1. Evaluating Options: Did you test more than one solution to figure out which one worked best with your team/company?

2. Evaluating Ease of Use: Did you have to create a lengthy training manual to accompany the solution? Was ease of use a criteria in your options evaluation?

3. Pre-Testing: Did you test your chosen solution(s) to see what was working and what was not working with a small focus group first?

4. Selling Benefits, not Features: Did you emphasize the benefits to participants and what’s in it for them?

5. Encouraging with Incentives: Did you offer incentives to those who actively contributed and adopted the new solution?

6. Leading at Top & Bottom: Did you recruit influencers/leaders at the top to
lead with participation? and at the bottom?

7. Empowering Users: Did you give the users a larger measure of control to encourage organic sharing? and open it up rather than trying to exert unnecessary control?

8. Integrating Workflow: Did you consider how to integrate your data and solution(s) with user workflow? (e.g. email)

9. Priming the Content Pump: Did you customize and build content into the system before you invited everyone to see the value & vision?

10. Evangelizing Responsibility: Did you assign someone to be the ongoing lead evangelist for the sharing, encouraging, and collaboration efforts?

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Jeff Dance


Jeff is Founder and CEO of Fresh Consulting. Formerly a Strategy & Operations Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Jeff brings years of experience in the creative design and digital technology space, building teams and overseeing hundreds of digital projects.