The Fresh Consulting Logo Unveils Its Simple Yet Sophisticated Story


Our ideal for the Fresh Consulting logo was for it to be simple, yet sophisticated. In fact, long before we settled on the name Fresh Consulting, we were thinking of naming our group the “Occams Razor Group.”

In summary, “Occams Razor” means “simple yet sophisticated.” A beautiful principle and a lofty goal for a logo. Yet, at a far distance, our logo is simply just a green leaf next to logo text to represent the “Fresh” side of Fresh Consulting. Up close however, the intricate leaf patterns suggest a deeper meaning. There are three primary pillars to Fresh Consulting and we believe they are represented intricately in the logo patterns:

  • 1. Fresh Technology: the left circuit board side of the logo that represents our core focus on emerging web technology
  • 2. Fresh Thinking: the right brain side of the logo which represents the right creative side of our brain and our core focus on innovation and creativity (all that is fresh)
  • 3. Fresh Talent: the stem leaf that brings together both the left side and right side and represents our focus on fresh talent that is both tech/web savvy and creative


Jeff Dance


Jeff is Founder and CEO of Fresh Consulting. Formerly a Strategy & Operations Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Jeff brings years of experience in the creative design and digital technology space, building teams and overseeing hundreds of digital projects.