Ben Spencer

Ben has a passion for blending design and writing into a cohesive product narrative. An advocate for research, strategy, and discovery at the front end of any project, Ben excels in high-level thinking about how to most effectively tell a brand’s story in an authentic and relevant way.

Ben received Bachelor’s degrees in Film Studies and Religion from Whitman College, as well as a Master’s in Education from Lipscomb University. He studied UX Design and Content Strategy at General Assembly before joining Fresh’s team in January 2016.

Outside of work, Ben enjoys reading voraciously, watching horror movies, playing video games, and building his skill as an aspiring novelist. He spends every second he can with his wife and his two beloved Boxer dogs, California and Tennessee.

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XR Development

A Primer on Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented reality (AR) has quickly become a part of daily life for hundreds of millions of users worldwide, thanks to AR apps. From gaming to social media mobile apps, augmented reality is an astoundingly popular recreational technology, but the benefits of augmented reality in manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries are sometimes lost in the conversation.
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Industrial Design, Product Development, Product Strategy

The Internet Of Things Product Development Guide

IoT Product Development Guide It’s no secret that technology is more ubiquitous than ever. Almost everyone has smart devices holstered in their pocket or strapped to their wrist. We’ve immersed ourselves in the digital world, redefining how we communicate, work, and play.  But as transfixed as we are with the internet, we’ve only begun to
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AI/Machine Learning, Hardware, News

Glacier River Design + Fresh: A Win-Win for Advancing Embedded Systems

On March 31st, we acquired Glacier River Design, a Seattle-based engineering company specializing in embedded systems and firmware engineering. The addition of Glacier River’s partner base and expertise will help us grow our holistic hardware product development offering for various industries. Glacier River Design is a thirteen-year-old engineering company that offers complete embedded firmware, software,
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UPDATE: Demolicious Postponed

This post was previously titled “After a Six-year Hiatus, Demolicious is Back.” Unfortunately, the event has been postponed for now, but we’re excited to share a link to the Meet Up so you can stay updated about the its future. Here’s the original post, which provides a great overview of what you can expect when
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AI/Machine Learning, Technology Architecture, Web App Development, Website Development

Why You Should Know About Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

“Robotic Process Automation” (RPA)—does that sound like engineering? Something adjacent to autonomous mobile robots, manufacturing automation, or robotic systems integration? It could be—if it were a project associated with robotic software development—but RPA doesn’t have to do with robotics in the traditional sense. The name is a bit misleading. Breaking RPA down into its simplest
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Design, Hardware, Software, Strategy

Six Starting Points for Your Voyage into the Blue Economy

In our first article on the Blue Economy, we provided an overview of what it is and discussed the opportunities it offers for interested parties. Our second article went in a hypothetical direction, discussing a potential business case of autonomous oyster harvesting. If you’re not involved in bi-valve farming or are uncertain about where your
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