Ben Spencer

Ben is a Digital Content Strategist with a passion for blending design and writing into a cohesive product narrative. An advocate for research, strategy, and discovery at the front end of any project, Ben excels in high-level thinking about how to most effectively tell a brand’s story in an authentic and relevant way.

Ben received Bachelor’s degrees in Film Studies and Religion from Whitman College, as well as a Master’s in Education from Lipscomb University. He studied UX Design and Content Strategy at General Assembly before joining Fresh’s team in January 2016.

Outside of work, Ben enjoys reading voraciously, watching horror movies, playing video games, and building his skill as an aspiring novelist. He spends every second he can with his wife and his two beloved Boxer dogs, California and Tennessee.

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Innovation as a Service, Innovation Sprints, Strategy

Become a Better Workshop Facilitator

Whether it’s a large organization like Google or Apple building an entire campus to encourage collaborative encounters, or a small business holding monthly all-hands meetings, collaboration takes many forms. One of those forms is workshop methods for innovation. Different workshop methods can be used to foster collaboration and effective problem-solving across a variety of challenges,
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Applying the 5 Key Personality Tests in the Workplace

While every personality test has its merits, five stand out to Fresh: The Myers-Briggs Index, StrengthsFinder, The Big Five, the DISC Behavior Inventory, and the Predictive Index. Despite being different, these five tests overlap in interesting ways. Taking all of the tests and comparing the results can unveil additional insights, as triangulation allows you to
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Software, Technology Architecture, Uncategorized, Web App Development

How Enterprise Systems Benefit Your Business

At a high level, enterprise systems automate workflows and processes. Under the hood, they’re large-scale software packages that track and control business operations. For users, they provide a centralized command hub for essential business operations. Enterprise systems are usually technological ecosystems that incorporate a variety of applications, protocols, and formats. To create them, developers have
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Brand & Visual Design, User Research & Testing, UX/UI Design

Discussing UX Design: Assembling Visual Elements

The visuals in your UX design should tell a clear and compelling story. Understanding your users and their needs allows you to conceptualize the visual design of your product. Being diligent about how you assemble elements like color, text, and images is key in generating positive responses and emotions from your users. Design Visualization Clickable
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Which Industries and Businesses are Working With Chatbots?

Any point of contact between a business and a customer opens the door for a chatbot solution. Let’s look at some use cases. General Customer Experience  IBM’s Watson Assistant can reduce customer service wait times up to 99 percent. It comes in several different variations to match a business’s unique needs. Hipmunk’s “Hello Hipmunk” chatbot
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UX/UI Design

Discussing UX Design: Understanding the End User

Successful UX design requires understanding the user’s perspective and clearly aligning the product to their needs. You’ll want to obtain feedback about your application or website early on to identify key improvements. Doing so upfront reduces cost, time, and frustration in the long run. We recommend performing user research, testing, and analysis in order to
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