Autonomous Club Car


Core Technologies:

United Rentals asked Fresh Consulting to automate a Club Car vehicle as a potential people and materials mover for construction sites. We used the same sensor package created for Autonomous Compact Track Loader: SICK and Velodyne LiDAR, RTK GPS and a CompactRIO control system running LabVIEW FPGA and LabVIEW Real-Time code with control logic to drive the vehicle.

The path planning software is a tablet-based application called Robot Operational Control (ROC). Using the same sensors and cRIO system allowed Fresh to leverage the existing code base and engineering expertise. Each vehicle takes engineering ingenuity to figure out how to control the vehicle components. And each use case takes custom engineering to build the driving algorithm.



Innovative Capabilities

To illustrate the Club Car’s autonomous capabilities during its debut at NIWeek 2019, we created a 3D model that guides viewers through some of the vehicle’s autonomous features and how they work.

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