Johnny Rodriguez

Johnny is Fresh’s Director of Strategic Innovation who brings over 13 years of experience in user experience, interaction design, and front-end web development.

He thrives on the challenge of leading interaction design and development as well as usability and best practices, but his primary focus is leading Fresh’s internal product development as well as other strategic initiatives to help Fresh stay fresh.

Johnny has made valuable contributions in the past throughout the end-to-end delivery lifecycle of complex and large-scale technology solutions. Some of his innovative work can be seen on projects involving advanced JavaScript, augmented and virtual reality, WordPress development, AI systems, chatbots, and design language systems.

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AI/Machine Learning

The Progression of AI: A Technology for Enhancing Productivity

For the past several years, data has been the primary driver behind business growth. Understanding how consumers behave, why they make the decisions they do, and how to use that information to improve marketing is key to a business’s success. To say that AI will be able to improve our ability to interpret and utilize
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AI/Machine Learning

10 Ways AI Will Benefit Your Business

Businesses in the 21st century are using artificial intelligence (AI) in ways that would’ve been considered science fiction a few decades ago. AI-powered tools are being applied by companies across the globe in every aspect of business—from simple processes like scheduling meetings, to market movers like self-driving cars. You probably interact with some form of
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UX/UI Design, Video Production

The Future of Motion in Digital Experiences

Reality is dynamic. When we interact with the world, it moves fluidly and changes seamlessly in response. Can the same be true of experiences in the digital world? In the history of digital user experiences, there has been a trend toward staticity. Interfaces have oftentimes been unmoving. But the future of motion is bright. With
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UX/UI Design

2015 UI/UX Trend: Continued Evolution of the Scroll

The 2015 UI/UX trends are all pretty sweet, right? The million-dollar question is whether you should implement it onto your site or not. I will periodically focus on some of these trends and expound on examples, pros vs cons, and best practices. Continued Evolution of the Scroll I think we can safely say that a
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