Johnny Rodriguez

Johnny is Fresh’s Director of Strategic Innovation who brings over 13 years of experience in user experience, interaction design, and front-end web development.

He thrives on the challenge of leading interaction design and development as well as usability and best practices, but his primary focus is leading Fresh’s internal product development as well as other strategic initiatives to help Fresh stay fresh.

Johnny has made valuable contributions in the past throughout the end-to-end delivery lifecycle of complex and large-scale technology solutions. Some of his innovative work can be seen on projects involving advanced JavaScript, augmented and virtual reality, WordPress development, AI systems, chatbots, and design language systems.

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A fascinating interview with Meta’s new AI bot about the Metaverse and the Quest 3

I had an hour long “interview” (a chat session) with Meta’s conversational chatbot, BlenderBot 3, as an experiment. What I didn’t know is that I would get responses about its perspectives on Meta’s own proprietary hardware or the Metaverse. BlenderBot 3 was released on August 5th, 2022 by researchers at Facebook’s parent company Meta. This
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Digital Trends: What’s Next and How to Stay Ahead [Webinar]

What does the future look like? We help companies stay Fresh, and in the process get to work with the latest and greatest tech. This unique experience and our close watch on digital trends have given us valuable insights into the bright future ahead. Fresh Consulting hosted a presentation on the future and digital trends at our offices in 2018. In this webinar, “the Johnny’s” will cover what has changed since our earlier predictions. We will also cover the trends from the past that have led to where we are today and what trends to keep your eyes on moving forward.
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Experience the Fresh Website in VR!

Following the release of our new website in May 2021, we’ve created a virtual reality version that allows users to engage with our content and learn about our products and services in an entirely new, highly immersive way. Innovative access to digital content At Fresh, we like to stay ahead of the curve. We understand
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Chatbots – Considerations for Design, Development, and Implementation

There are many examples of companies using chatbots for massive ROI. But chatbots can only perform well if they are designed well. Consider these key design approaches. 1. Learn With AI capabilities and deep learning, chatbots can teach themselves and adapt to situations they haven’t been programmed for. Every time a customer uses your bot,
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Activating AI: Common Libraries, Platforms, and Hardware Foundations

There are dozens of tools and frameworks to take advantage of when working with AI, and the number is constantly growing. In this post, we’ll discuss some popular options to give you a sense of where to start. AI Development Libraries TensorFlow (Google): A free and open-source software created by Google. It can be used
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AI/Machine Learning

Eight Ways Chatbots Can Improve Your Business Workflows

The main function of chatbots is communication, but their usefulness isn’t confined to customer support tickets. Chatbots can also be used to streamline communication, inside and outside of customer service. With the right tools and development teams, chatbots can be designed to fill many different roles beyond their current function. Chatbots can help facilitate production
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