Robot Operational Control Application


Mark Nader
Griffin Dziok

Core Technologies:

In the nearly $1 trillion construction industry, with a dwindling labor force and the pressing need for a speed-to-market solution, United Rentals enlisted Fresh to automate key elements of their workflow.


Identifying efficient material delivery as an area of opportunity, we developed an application to help employees manage the delivery routes of multiple autonomous vehicles on a construction site.

Tight Labor Market

It’s difficult for construction crews to find and retain enough workers. Using autonomous vehicles would remove the need for a driver, potentially halving the number of employees needed.


Reporting Accuracy

Most logging is tracked by hand, so gaining insight into what supplies were delivered can be difficult. Workers sometimes embellish the amount of work they actually accomplish as well.



Accidents involving heavy machinery can lead to disaster and injury, to both individuals and property.

Autonomous hardware, navigated by one integrated application


To allow for seamless autonomous vehicle operation, we integrated hardware and firmware in one UI. The app was created by a cross-disciplinary team including electrical, mechanical, and systems engineers, front- and back-end developers, and UX designers, ensuring that the effort was design-led and authentic to the workflow of the application’s end users.

Schedule, monitor, and manage autonomous missions

ROC gives users complete control of the vehicle’s mission. From scheduling missions ahead of time to planning routes with pinpoint accuracy, from monitoring errors in real-time to editing site layouts, operators have a single hub from which to manage their fleet.

Simplifying operations with design-led engineering

To ensure that the complex operation and management of autonomous vehicles was user-friendly for everyday operators, we applied principles of usability and focused our effort on creating a highly visual UI. Design choices were based on a visual design language that decreases the user’s cognitive load, allowing operators to recognize and understand detailed metrics at a glance without inhibiting safety or ceasing time-sensitive operations.

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