High-Volume Automated Manufacturing & Test System

Fresh designed and built a series of automated test and manufacturing cells to triple the capacity and greatly reduce the labor for a major global consumer product manufacturer.

These custom-automated cells utilize palletized conveyor systems to perform test and assembly tasks at rates of up to 900 units per hour.

Technologies Demonstrated

  • High-Speed Laser Measurement
  • NFC/RFID Testing
  • BLE Testing
  • Touch Sensor Testing
  • IMU Testing
  • Leak Testing
  • Automated Soldering
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Product Configuration
  • HMI and PLC Software

Worldwide Collaboration

The Fresh team collaborated with engineers around the world to design these machines, built them with our Asia manufacturing partner, and finally installed the machines at multiple international factories.

We were able to deliver a unique value in this space by providing local collaboration and support with cost-effective overseas fabrication, integration, and ongoing support.

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