Ben Spencer

Ben is a Digital Content Strategist with a passion for blending design and writing into a cohesive product narrative. An advocate for research, strategy, and discovery at the front end of any project, Ben excels in high-level thinking about how to most effectively tell a brand’s story in an authentic and relevant way.

Ben received Bachelor’s degrees in Film Studies and Religion from Whitman College, as well as a Master’s in Education from Lipscomb University. He studied UX Design and Content Strategy at General Assembly before joining Fresh’s team in January 2016.

Outside of work, Ben enjoys reading voraciously, watching horror movies, playing video games, and building his skill as an aspiring novelist. He spends every second he can with his wife and his two beloved Boxer dogs, California and Tennessee.

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Design, Expertise, UX/UI Design

UI/UX Principle #22: Writing is a Key Ingredient in UX

Written content isn’t just a semblance of words tacked onto a web page. Content is a key component that shapes UX. The UX design process takes place in a variety of stages. It follows a trajectory of ideation and iteration that leads to a high-quality end product. Writing is a central part of that process.
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Design, UX/UI Design

UI/UX Principle #16: Use Affinity Diagrams to Collaboratively Clarify Fuzzy Data

The definition of affinity is “a similarity of characteristics suggesting a relationship.” Affinity diagrams can be used as a brainstorming tool, allowing a group to codify ideas, hypotheses, and predictions. They also allow teams to gather observations and feedback about usability, organize the information to identify themes and patterns, and create a custom data classification
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Design, UX/UI Design

UI/UX Principle #15: Home(Pages) – Convincing Users to Come Inside

Imagine you’re buying a home… You’re on a bustling neighborhood street reminiscent of Pleasantville, where everything’s copacetic. The street is crowded with homes for sale. Many of them look alike and showcase the same features. In front of each home is a small yard sign reading either “FOR SALE” or “SOLD.” At first glance, it’s
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Expertise, UX/UI Design

Synthesize Convention and Innovation

Secure vs. Insecure In the world of design, there are seamless experiences in which transitioning from one task to the next happens organically. Giving users control of the experience requires striking a precarious balance between adhering to rigorously tested conventions while also innovating to satisfy a user’s needs. UI and UX theory is centered around
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