UPDATE: Demolicious Postponed

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This post was previously titled “After a Six-year Hiatus, Demolicious is Back.” Unfortunately, the event has been postponed for now, but we’re excited to share a link to the Meet Up so you can stay updated about the its future.

Here’s the original post, which provides a great overview of what you can expect when Demolicious resumes:

If you’ve never heard of it before, Demolicious is a community event that celebrates incredible, innovative ideas. It also functions as a pitch competition where attendees present their personal ideas and projects to compete for an award.

Demolicious’ pitch winner is determined via audience vote. Win, lose, or help choose the best pitch, what you’ll find at Demolicious is a fun, engaging evening to connect with fellow innovators.

Josh Carter, one of Demolicious’ organizers, is a program director at the Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator, a key player in the Blue Economy. We wrote about this burgeoning field recently, and are thrilled that someone with Josh Carter’s renown is taking time to organize Demolicious. Author Malia Spencer quoted Carter on what community events like Demolicious offer to attendees:

People met and created companies together, or met your next best friend. [The question now is] how to bring those things that are authentic about. Those conversations that don’t happen over Slack or Zoom.

As an innovation company, we’re thrilled to take part in creating safe meeting places for creatives and collaborators like Demolicious. We also have multiple other events on the horizon throughout the next year—follow us on LinkedIn to hear about more.


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