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We partnered with Ben Bridge to upgrade their e-commerce experience and create a more aesthetically sophisticated look and feel

The Challenge

The brick-and-mortar storefront of Ben Bridge, a high-end American jewelry retailer, speaks for itself. But their e-commerce website didn’t do justice to the company’s century-long history and expansive national reach. We were tasked with creating a robust digital presence highlighting Ben Bridge’s impact while also improving digital sales workflow, which was essential given the growing competition and the increasing complexity of consumer retail in the age of the modern web.

Our Solution

Fresh designers created a mobile version of the Ben Bridge website, reorganized page layouts, optimized navigation, simplified the checkout path, and integrated new e-commerce features including PayPal and Amazon Checkout to support online sales. We also completed the UX design for the Lisa Bridge. As a fifth-generation Bridge family member, Lisa Bridge’s unique collection and aesthetic needed to be seamlessly incorporated.

Key Contributors

Steve Hulet
Steve Hulet
Sabrina Kuo
Sabrina Kuo
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Ben Bridge – home-page-mockup

End-to-end design and development

We partnered with Ben Bridge for multiple site iterations, providing aesthetic recommendations, incorporating their media assets, and collaborating with their development team. It was essential to account for the continuously evolving Ben Bridge brand while ensuring that the timeline was never interrupted in light of ongoing initiatives and events.


An inspired and differentiated microsite

When creating a supplementary site, differentiation is essential, but it’s critical to draw it from the larger experience. Lisa Bridge brings her unique offering to the Ben Bridge organization, and it was vital to highlight the differences. While doing so, we borrowed and integrated existing site features to ensure that the continuity and quality of the experience were maintained when going from one part of the site to the next.




Year-over-year record- breaking traffic growth in a four-year period


Increase in online transactions from enhanced user experience

Very exciting! Your team did an excellent job of creating a page that tells the story of the collection(s) with beautiful imagery, while carefully considering the target audience. Thank you for working with us on such a short notice, we really appreciate it!

Candice Alvarado Marketing, Ben Bridge Jeweler