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Graffiti in VR


An immersive virtual reality environment to create urban art

The Challenge

Graffiti is an omnipresent form of urban art, with drawings and giant murals created with spray paint. But how do you play in an artistic medium that is costly, permanent, toxic, and in some cases, illegal?

Our Solution

Graffiti in VR gives users a chance to create this unique art form in a safe, non-destructive virtual environment. In meticulously-designed environments, using authentic spraying, colors, drips, and metallics, users are provided with a graffiti playground. The app offers a seamless balance of realistic spraying actions and ultra-detailed locations, letting users unleash their creativity and personal style.

Services & Capabilities

Core Technologies

Key Contributors

Will Lingard
Will Lingard

An immersive user experience

The UI is intuitive and realistic, mirroring the experience of painting in the real world. With a range of customizable colors, realistic pressure and fading, wet and dry effects, drips, and the option to easily undo actions, users are given the tools they need to create. Haptic feedback adds even greater immersion.

Graffiti in VR – Screen-Shot-2019-05-02-at-2.07.38-PM

Nuanced level design

The experience provides a range of detailed living environments, from rustic underground chambers to open fields, a train station, and an abandoned subway station entrance. Every element has been meticulously designed with realistic physics, lighting, directional sound, and low judder to reduce motion sickness.