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PaperShare was in need of a UI/UX overhaul for their website and web application. It was also hard to understand what the product did.  Fresh was able to step in quickly and do a UI/UX overhaul for their web application and re-design their website. We also helped simplify their story through a new video we scripted and created, new brand elements, and a new interactive “how it works” feature on their website. All up, this helped them connect with more potential customers faster.

What PaperShare Says

Whew, it's been a crazy past 2 months! I realized in the middle of the night last night that we had never officially paused and thanked the Fresh team for all of the long nights, strategic thinking and incredible work that you each delivered. I am honored to have been part of this team and I'm thrilled that we pushed everyone just out of their comfort zones – the outcome(s) were out of the park. We've seen 10x increase in traffic to the sales door since launch. The logo looked incredible in the booth. The video is a great story. The whitepaper looks slick and we've had nearly 3k views of it since the week prior to launch. Nice. I'm grateful for not only the work, but for the team and their partnership.

Jen Houston, Advisor at PaperShare

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With eight years of experience working on hundreds of projects, we've honed our processes to a specific goal: getting results. We care about understanding you and your customers, in service of creating experiences that deliver.

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