Updates on the Mobile OS Battle


The mobile battle wages on!

There have been significant shifts in mobile OS. Regardless of which mobile OS you’re running, you probably have a strong opinion about why it’s best.  Because user preferences are so varied, that’s why it’s important to develop for a variety of platforms.

When it comes to mobile app design and development, we’re more than happy to cross the aisle to create Fresh apps that suit your preference and needs. Our approach consists of three key benefits:

Guidance in Solidifying Your Vision: We help you understand tradeoffs, prioritize features, and deliver maximum functionality to your end-users, all while pushing toward long-term business objectives and satisfying short-term KPIs.

Assistance in Expanding Your Reach: Fresh developers work with you to identify what makes your product unique, then help synthesize your input into a user-friendly product that targets the right platforms and devices at the right time.

Support in Building Your Foundation: With our combination of product consultation, design-led development, and technical architecture experience, your product rests on a strong foundation. We deliver on every aspect of mobile development, from building server-based APIs to single sign-on, push notifications and in-app messaging, and offline functionality.

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Jeff Dance


Jeff is Founder and CEO of Fresh Consulting. Formerly a Strategy & Operations Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Jeff brings years of experience in the creative design and digital technology space, building teams and overseeing hundreds of digital projects.