Digital Trends: What’s Next and How to Stay Ahead [Webinar]

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Every day, we help companies stay fresh with the latest tech, giving us real-time vision into future digital trends. Throughout our work, we’ve gained valuable insights into emerging technology — and we want to share those insights with you.

What does the future of digital technology look like?

On December 8th, Fresh Director of Innovation Johnny Rodriguez and Innovation Consultant Johnny Dance will cover what’s changed since our last report, the current technology today, and future digital trends that can affect you and your business.

Join us to learn which new technologies could change the human experience and the business landscape.

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Our last report on digital trends

Fresh Consulting presented on digital trends at our 2018 Innovation Workshop, where CEO Jeff Dance spoke about the current state of technology, predictions on where it was headed, and how to prepare for the future with a modern, interconnected business. During our 2021 talk, we’ll be taking it a step further.


Johnny Rodriguez

Director of Strategic Innovation

Johnny is Fresh’s Director of Strategic Innovation who brings over 13 years of experience in user experience, interaction design, and front-end web development.

He thrives on the challenge of leading interaction design and development as well as usability and best practices, but his primary focus is leading Fresh’s internal product development as well as other strategic initiatives to help Fresh stay fresh.

Johnny has made valuable contributions in the past throughout the end-to-end delivery lifecycle of complex and large-scale technology solutions. Some of his innovative work can be seen on projects involving advanced JavaScript, augmented and virtual reality, WordPress development, AI systems, chatbots, and design language systems.