A Fresh Look Back at 2016


As the New Year fast approaches, it’s a good time to take stock of 2016 and all that we’ve accomplished at Fresh. When you’re hard at work, it’s sometimes hard to realize just how much you’re getting done. We had many high points in 2016 worth celebrating, as well as continued development and growth.

New Office & Open House

2016 kicked off with a Fresh new office space! Many of you helped us celebrate our new space recently at our first Open House. Thanks for coming out — you helped make it a success, and we hope you will join us again next year!

New Website & Awards

Shortly after the move we launched our new website, which has since been awarded three website design awards!

  • W3 Awards, in association with The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts
    • Silver in UX
    • Silver in Consulting
  • HOW International Design
    • Merit Award

Fresh was also recognized by CIO Review as one of 20 Most Promising Enterprise Web Application Solution Providers. And, we were honored by three separate agencies!

2016 Team Activities

A large part of what makes Fresh such a great place to work is the people. We’re not only great collaborators in the office, we also enjoy spending time together outside of work. Check out this video highlighting some of our favorite team activities over the past year.

2016 Health Initiative

We also kicked off a new Health Initiative in 2016, including a monthly health and wellness activity or seminar, a weekly salad bar as part of our daily lunch program, more healthy snacks in the kitchen, and a blender for whipping up fresh smoothies at work!

Fresh team members received an Apple Watch or Fitbit as a holiday gift in 2015 to launch this initiative. Team members began tracking their physical activity over the course of the year, and appreciated reminders to take regular breaks from screen time to get up and move around. Teage and Chris W. volunteered to share data that they collected over the past year:

  • Teage walked a total of 3,833,490 steps
    • That’s a daily average of 11,176.
    • Or, roughly 1,830 miles.
    • Or, the equivalent to walking from the Fresh Consulting office to the city of San Bruno in Baja California!
  • Chris walked an impressive total of 2,152,758 steps
    • Averaging 6,276 per day.
    • He could’ve walked to Bakersfield, California!

Most impressive, guys!

Published Materials

Another notable feat is the amount of material the team published over the past year. Fresh prides itself on our thought leadership, and one of our company goals for 2016 was to publish 100 blogs. The Fresh team pulled together to meet this goal and then some, publishing 105 blog posts.

We had an additional goal to offer 20 free resources on our new site. After creating new white papers this year, in addition to our existing process documents, we now have 20 helpful resources available as downloads.

Looking Forward

We’ve experienced a great deal of growth and success over the past year, and look forward to even more in 2017. Many thanks to you – our clients, friends, and Fresh family – for being a pivotal part of this success. Best wishes for a Fresh and Happy New Year!


Rachael Saxby

Office Manager

achael has a diverse work and education background. She has a BA in Psychology as well as BS in Economic Geology. She’s worked as a behavior change specialist to help people quit tobacco, and as a mine geologist in copper mines of the SW US. Since returning home to the Pacific Northwest, Rachael is enjoying being part of the Fresh team as the Office Manager. Her diverse background is reflected in her hobbies as well which span from dance, to parkour, to circus arts.