A Fresh New Office


Eight years ago, Fresh started with Jeff in one room of eight offices on the second floor of our 140th Ave SE office.

Steve signed on shortly thereafter. Fresh expanded person by person, year over year, gradually taking over the entire floor.  Last year, with 30+ people in all eight offices, and several spilling into the hallways, we were definitely bursting at the seams. It took months of searching to find the perfect space, and almost an equal amount of time to make it Fresh, but finally…We’ve moved!

We settled in the Eastgate area of Bellevue in a Class A space with Class A benefits. At 10,500 square feet, we now have room to spread out and grow. JPC Architects and Turnstone helped with space planning and furniture selection. Our goal was to infuse the space with the Fresh brand and reflect the Fresh philosophy of open, creative collaboration throughout.

The heart of our company sits at the heart of our workspace.  Almost all staff, including Fresh co-founder/CTO Steve Hulet, share an open work environment at the center of our office. Nine conference rooms of various sizes line the perimeter offering plenty of space for focus and collaboration.  Large windows run the length of the office providing lots of natural light and expansive views of the Cascades to the east and Olympics past downtown Seattle to the west, a reminder to connect with what’s fresh outside.

The design encourages our entire team to make the most of the full office. Most walls are working whiteboard and tackboard walls. Shared spaces are outfitted with large screens for projecting work. Standup desks for the entire company and multiple monitors emphasize movement and ergonomics. The most common gathering spot – the kitchen, of course – has built-in plugs along the center island and a screen for impromptu or scheduled meetings.

Speaking of the kitchen, amenities abound in the new office. Lunch is still delivered every day. Fresh fruit arrives twice a week. The fridge is stocked with beverages, the cabinets with snacks. And, we hosted a company-wide taste test to determine our new coffee and tea service. Our beloved massage chair made the trek and now has its own private relaxation room. We also added a dedicated mothers’ room. Plus, we have shared access with the building’s gym, including full locker rooms with showers.  At this point, we want to reiterate that we’re definitely not missing the old space.

Our brand is echoed throughout the office with dark floors signifying groundedness, wood walls representing our organic work, green accents for fresh energy, and open white walls as blank canvases for creative ideas. Fresh Values are posted on the pillars; after all, they are what hold up our company.  All elements work together to create harmony between focus, productivity, and collaboration – themes also imbued on the new Fresh website.

So far, reviews of our new digs from both staff and clients have been very positive. Everyone comments on the great energy.  We’re hosting an Open House soon and we hope you’ll stop by to check it out. Stay tuned to our blog for more info…


Tracy Fontaine