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Nathan Dean

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Plum Energy specializes in the small-scale LNG (liquid natural gas) value chain across the entire spectrum, helping customers to design, develop, build, install, commission, operate and maintain a small-scale production facility. Liquid natural gas takes up about 1/600th the volume of natural gas in the gaseous state. To communicate this we focused on a visual concept of compression; a reduction in size.

Building an Innovative Brand

Geometric elements and patterns are used in branding collateral to convey the scientific nature of the industry and represent Plum as a strong company. To help Plum convey this valuable brand messaging schema, Fresh’s designers and developers focused on providing the key services of brand identity design – logo design, icon development, and business card mockups – web design, and the creation of Plum’s responsive website.

By utilizing strategic brand development paired with our Scientific UI/UX process, we were able to produce a brand identity and a web experience that helped Plum to articulate the concept of compression. A unique value proposition was identified and served as a key point of differentiation for Plum in the energy sector.

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