A6 Corporation
Branding for every customer touchpoint

a6 responsive showcase

Analyzing customer experience and investigating the competitive landscape, we created a unified corporate brand

The Challenge

The A6 Corporation partnered with Fresh to overhaul their brand, including print collateral and digital assets. From the logo up to a stylized website, Fresh designers had to think about communicating A6’s brand across various media while staying true to their core identity and visual story.

Our Solution

We delivered a finalized branding package for A6, including a logo, a color palette, business card and letterhead assets, and a style guide outlining brand elements and how to extend them across every customer and employee touchpoint.

Asset creation for print and digital mediums requires an individualized approach, but the result should be seamless and confident. By sketching and ideating extensively on the front-end and testing concepts before production, we delivered a cohesive brand identity with ease of use for future designers and developers.

Key Contributors

Nuriel Mizrahi
Nuriel Mizrahi
Jeff Dance
Jeff Dance
Elisha Terada
Elisha Terada

Consistency across all customer interactions

Anywhere current or prospective customers encounter the A6 brand, they'll see continuity, consistency, and identity. One of the most significant challenges in establishing your industry position is differentiation. From letterhead to digital properties, the sleek, powerful corporate identity of A6 is carried through, creating a unique and recognizable brand persona for a leader in Internet Topology.

A6 letter and biz cards

Visually unified brand collateral

The web app carries through the same sophisticated look, feel, voice, and tone as all other brand collateral. The buttons users click, the labels that differentiate essential elements of the interface, and the graphics that highlight essential information are guided by the same brand signifiers used for print. Integration between offline and online customer experience is seamless, further establishing A6's identity.


Creating physical and digital seamlessness

The marketing website builds on the offline brand experience and the web app. Each point of interaction with the brand has subtle differences, but Fresh strategists partnered with A6 stakeholders to ensure that the encounter feels familiar wherever the corporation is reaching customers.


I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome work on the app, website, templates, advertising, creatives, logo, business cards – everything! We’re incredibly thrilled with the results! You’ve delivered beyond our expectations. I know we’ve been keeping you pretty busy and you have other clients to support. We appreciate your timely responses and quick turnarounds.

Scott Pierce VP Product & Marketing, A6 Corporation