Autonomous Testing Robot

Creating an autonomous vehicle starts as a scaled solution. Implementing the technology on a more manageable form allows the robot to serve as a mobile testing platform. As the robot gathers information and needs or technology change, this learning platform can be modified and retested.

Autonomous Mobility

Autonomous vehicles are capable of increasing work productivity by utilizing technology to optimize speed, efficiency, and safety. Removing operator error and adding numerous safety sensors results in fewer accidents and is more capable of accident avoidance.


Testing is an essential part of our development process in both simulation and real-world environments. Creating a smaller robotics platform allows for less downtime and testing on larger vehicles, more fine-tuning of our different sensors, and more efficient development overall. Our robots gather a variety of information such as lidar and visual data to make sense of the world around it. The more testing and tuning we get, the better the technology works as a whole.

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