Announcing the Cloudsurfing App on iPhone. Take the Cloud with you!


Since we first heard the word “Cloud” in 2007, we’ve been firm believers in the power of the Cloud.  That’s why we built to organize the cloud for you and find the best web applications, platforms, and infrastructure to get your work done and keep you organized.   At Fresh Consulting, we study and organize tools because we believe that it is the right tools we surround ourselves with as we do a task that can help us work smarter, not harder.

That’s why we are happy to announce our Cloudsurfing iPhone app so that you can take a information-rich directory of all of the cloud’s resources and put them in your pocket.  Not only do you have a comprehensive list of the cloud in your pocket with organized categories and with search, we added many of the powerful features of to help you review what is best.  For example, make real-time comparisons of web apps by looking at competitors, reviews, social comments, and statistics on the fly.


Ben Black