Summer With the Fresh Team


As summer officially winds down, we thought we’d take a look back at all the fun summer team activities we’ve had these past few months.

Hot Sauce Challenge

We enjoyed plenty of sunshine, and lots of heat, mostly in the form of a Hot Sauce Challenge! Seven brave souls tried all eight of the first round of sauces, but only five advanced to the final “ash-kicking” round. They earned our respect, and the title of “iron-stomach”; though, apparently, we need to step our hot sauce game up to really phase these chili champions.

Co-ed Softball League

Fresh’s summer co-ed softball team also proved that they had fire in their bellies. Team Fresh scored at least one home run per game, with a record of five in one game! Team captain, Hutch, said, “Chris Allen’s pitching and fielding skills definitely won us some games.” Of course, everyone contributed to our success, including our All Star babysitters – Anna and Eunice.


Fresh also exemplified teamwork in both the Ragnar race and charity pushup challenge. If you haven’t yet read the Ragnar blog, definitely check it out! Plus, Kurt put together an awesome video documenting the race, which you can watch below.

Charity Push-up Challenge

Teage led our 3-month-long charity push-up challenge, and participants amazed us with their dedication and strength! Every day, like clockwork (seriously, they set timers), these guys dutifully dropped and gave us (or rather the charity) push-up after push-up. As a team, we finished the challenge with 68,084 total push-ups, an average of 8,510.5 push-ups per person. Our average placed us at #63 as a team, and at #40 for total number of push-ups. The total number of push-ups done by all participants in the challenge was 27,992,281, raising $36,595 for the Green Beret Foundation and Team RWB. Now that’s Fresh!

Snow Lake Hike

We also took to the beautiful mountains and lakes of the Pacific Northwest to beat the heat. The refreshing glacier-fed waters of Snow Lake were the perfect antidote to a day described as “hot as Hades” by one of the hikers. A highlight of the trip was when, despite the warnings of his colleagues, Fresh team developer Sirius swam 100 yards out to a large rock in the lake and jumped off.

Surfing and Wakeboarding

Other members of the Fresh family channeled their inner fishes during a wakeboarding surfing trip on Lake Sammamish. Teage impressed us with his tenacity (and ability to hold his breath!) when he fell off the board but managed to hold onto the rope for an entire minute while being dragged behind the boat. Jessie, on the other hand, was more successful at her first wakeboarding attempt. She righted herself on the first try, and was so excited that she hopped off the board and into the water!

Fall Preview

As summer turns to fall, we will undoubtedly be spending more time indoors. Thankfully, we have a new, awesome work space for that, and a talented team that never ceases to amaze and entertain. In November, we will be hosting an Open House and the still to be named Fresh band will be making their debut performance! We hope you can join us for what will surely be a memorable experience.


Rachael Saxby

Office Manager

achael has a diverse work and education background. She has a BA in Psychology as well as BS in Economic Geology. She’s worked as a behavior change specialist to help people quit tobacco, and as a mine geologist in copper mines of the SW US. Since returning home to the Pacific Northwest, Rachael is enjoying being part of the Fresh team as the Office Manager. Her diverse background is reflected in her hobbies as well which span from dance, to parkour, to circus arts.