BalanceTech: A Resource for Finding Balance in a Tech-Reliant World


As technology layers deeper and deeper into the fabric of our everyday life, its impacts on our health must be considered to ensure our long-term well-being.

At Fresh, we believe that technology can be a means of enhancing and expanding on our innate human qualities of imagination, innovation, social connection, and productivity. By finding the right balance with technology, we can empower ourselves to have more freedom, choice, and time to achieve our full potential.

For that reason, we are pleased to release, an in-depth digital resource that provides tools — articles, apps, products, and videos — for offsetting the negative effects of too much media consumption, an overreliance on electronics, and passive engagement with technology.

BalanceTech allows users to assess their current reliance on technology and take steps to find a better balance. Resources are geared toward tuning out digital noise, creating healthy social connections, prioritizing creativity over consumption, improving productivity, and much more.

What are the benefits of balancing your connection with technology?

Find grounding to connect with your inner voice

Our always-connected world is full of digital noise that pollutes our inner voice and personal guidance system. Disconnecting from technology provides stillness to reflect on our lives. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce stress as well as improve the capacity to deal with adverse events.

Increase real, in-person connections to improve well-being

Technology can create barriers to real, in-person social contact, which has been shown to be a key factor in overall health. One study demonstrated that in-person social contact was a top contributor in reducing symptoms of PTSD and depression among veterans.

Move from being a consumer to being a creator

While much of our time with technology is spent consuming content, playing games, or watching videos, creativity has been shown to increase overall levels of happiness and boost the immune system, making time to create integral to maintaining overall health.

Focus your attention to improve productivity

Technology can fracture our attention throughout the day, which can be at odds with the deep focus required to tackle the complex challenges of modern work. It takes an average of 23 minutes to return to a task in full-swing after a distraction.

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Why BalanceTech?

As a company that creates digital experiences for efficient, effective connection, the notion of disconnecting might seem at odds. However, intentional connection is more important than ever. We believe in building technology for good and building better human experiences. Good means it helps humans have more freedom, choice, or time to achieve their full potential. Creation and creativity are built into our DNA. Humans are innately creative, innovative, social, and productive. We believe technology and experiences that furthers those human qualities and helps us be our best selves is good.

While technology can enhance productivity, relationships, creativity, and knowledge, it can also harm the aforementioned. Just as it’s important to connect, it’s also very important to disconnect. Too much can cause destructive behaviors, and too little is not enough. We believe in building in control mechanisms so that technology serves us vs. controls us. The harmonious balance of intentionally connecting and disconnecting is the aim of this resource.

BalanceTech was featured in DesignRush’s Top 10 Wellbeing Website Designs as one of the best website designs.

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Johnny Rodriguez

Director of Strategic Innovation

Johnny is Fresh’s Director of Strategic Innovation who brings over 13 years of experience in user experience, interaction design, and front-end web development.

He thrives on the challenge of leading interaction design and development as well as usability and best practices, but his primary focus is leading Fresh’s internal product development as well as other strategic initiatives to help Fresh stay fresh.

Johnny has made valuable contributions in the past throughout the end-to-end delivery lifecycle of complex and large-scale technology solutions. Some of his innovative work can be seen on projects involving advanced JavaScript, augmented and virtual reality, WordPress development, AI systems, chatbots, and design language systems.