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Operating Value

Share solutions along with issues

To help our team navigate challenges productively, we share solutions along with issues. Sometimes we need more questions and research to discover the root problems, but we take ownership and motivate one another by pairing possible solutions with the issues. This responsible approach takes more thought as we frame the conversation, but it creates positive energy as we keep moving towards the future.

Values in action

  • Michelle Tolfa

Michelle has consistently diagnosed issues from multiple parts of the system, driving to a working solution one step at a time. It is easy to lose hope and give up when faced with an avalanche of engineering challenges; however, you have shown exemplary patience and persistence in “root cause analyzing” each issue. Kudos to you and your relentless spirit!

Darshit Dalal

  • David Isaacs

David empowers people to love their jobs. He helps employees navigate the complex world of benefits, paperwork, and work/life balance. When I think of an HR guru and hero, I think of David Isaacs.

Every time I have a question, David gets back to me within minutes. The types of issues that live in the HR realm can be stressful for me. David takes that burden off my shoulders. He allows me to be better at my job, and I’m grateful to work with him!

Ben Spencer

  • Ryne Schillinger

Ryne has been a great person to work with on the Phase 1 work we’ve been doing. He’s a problem solver and a very proactive team member which has really helped the project move forward. He’s very reliable and works hard to do his best work.

Johnny Rodriguez

  • Mariana Araújo

Thank you for identifying issues and coordinating everyone together to get the ball rolling to develop a solution, leading to everyone being prepared when there was changes and limited the impact on projects

Zoe Evans

  • Jesse Bufkin

Thank you, Jesse, for being seemingly everywhere! You lend your expertise to so many of my projects, and I really appreciate the insight, best practices, and problem solving you bring.

Ella Dorband

  • Mitch Tolson

The process that Mitch has been implementing for hardware PMs is already providing value and clarity in our planning meetings. Can’t wait to see where this solution leads us over the next few months. Great work!

Haley Arrington

Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.

Gautama Buddha
Founder of Buddhism