02 Care VDP@2x

Operating Value

Care for one another

Fresh doesn’t just hire smart people who want to grow; we focus on hiring and promoting nice people who truly care for one another.

Values in action

  • Peter Anderson

Peter has been indispensable in helping me get equipment to employees, with quick response times and helpful suggestions — I know he is putting in long hours. He has without a doubt made my time at Fresh much more enjoyable. He is good company and a pleasure to work with.

Matthew Saboda

  • Sani Sapphaiboon (Som)

Thanks for organizing such a great team trip — you picked some good spots to stay and organized fun activities. We all had a blast with the team.

Will Lingard

  • Teage Christensen
  • Colby Gardner

Thank you both for being so wonderful at setting the teams up for success! You both have different but wonderful ways of working with the teams and I appreciate all of the efforts you both make to help us all thrive.

Ella Dorband

  • DJ Cenidoza

You are a vital link and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as it can across teams. Your work and positivity makes everything more efficient. You have great energy and a fantastic attitude which impacts everyone you talk to!

Zoe Evans

  • Richard Johnson

Rick kept smiling and figuring out goals, plus really laid the groundwork for me in technical details on the project. I can’t think of anybody else who could have walked that path and still kept everyone smiling. An asset across the board.

Hunter Fite

  • Matthew MacKay

Your attention to not just project quality but team culture is impressive. Thank you for caring about each and every project member and seeing the big picture of what success means.

Anna McCallon

Caring about the happiness of others, we find our own.