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Operating Value

Run for deadlines to finish strong

We honor our commitments and strive to complete tasks and projects on time. We proactively communicate as soon as we realize we may miss a deadline, to reset expectations.

  • Rene Spani

I commend you for all your efforts. You’ve put in a ton of extra time to bring the system up over the weekend – weeks ahead of the original schedule. Instead of standing back and saying it was impossible, you’ve leaned in, and delivered. You’ve been supportive of the team and have actively worked to unblock them.

At the same time, you’re looking at this from the lens of how to improve with a productive attitude and driving for improvements. This “how” to drive a healthy community while also recognizing and doing something about driving change is good.

Thank you for all you’re doing.

Mitch Tolson

  • Joshua Hockett
  • Mitch Tolson

Mitch and Josh – I cannot begin to thank you both enough for all of your support, leadership, guidance, creative problem solving, and commitment early, early this morning to meet our deadline. I’ve never enjoyed collaborating with two individuals more. I don’t know how I could even attempt to be successful here at Fresh if it weren’t for your constant support and your abilities to just get things done when we need it most. I feel privileged to work with you both and excited for the opportunities that are coming our way. Thank you!!!

James Dietrich

  • Mikey Weller

Mikey not only walked me through testing my code, but he also pulled an all-nighter to make sure we ended the sprint on a high note!

Avinash Singh

  • Scotty Paton

Thank you for your flexibility, long hours, and late nights to meet last-minute requests. Our client was incredibly grateful, as am I!

Matthew MacKay

  • Austin Nakamura

The integration efforts have gone amazingly well thanks to your hard work! We have a functional first step right on schedule and our client has full confidence in new work you will be doing. Keep up the great work, it is noticed and appreciated by many!

Sean Patterson

  • Walter Nicholas

Want to express a huge “thank you” to Walter for helping out, last minute, on a project. Walter jumped right in to provide information around React, Native Script, and Cross-Platform Deployment and offered some great suggestions to help the client.

Appreciate his willingness to help, given his already full workload, and truly a pleasure working with and learning from you. You are awesome Walter!”

Teage Christensen

Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.

Michael Jordan
American businessman, former professional basketball player, and global cultural icon