09 Gears VDP@2x

Operating Value

Embrace productive friction

Open discussion and respectful debate can be critical to real progress and learning. Good conversational capacity means not minimizing your opinions or getting angry when you disagree, rather understanding that real dialogue and different perspectives can lead to the best outcomes. In the end, we want the best ideas to move forward no matter where they come from.

Values in action

  • Richard Johnson
  • Ian McDermott
  • Tylor Echols
  • Greg Starr

Couldn’t have gotten through this past week without these guys. Their flexibility and willingness to adapt is extremely helpful. Thanks for putting in the extra effort!

Haley Arrington

  • Mikey Weller
  • John Houston
  • Marcos Robles
  • +3

Folks, it’s been a bumpy ride with scheduling conflicts, but the product looks awesome. Thanks for at various times the critical feedback — it’s really been instrumental in making the product look and work great.

Terence Tam

  • Hunter Fite

Hunter is always really helpful and has a great attitude. Recently he helped us quickly overcome a couple problems that would have been difficult without him. He is always willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done.

Benjamin Jordan

  • Jeff Gerber

Jeff has been thrown into some of the most difficult problems during this project. He’s used his excellent attitude, persistence, and knowledge to continue building the integration between the two systems. Thank you, Jeff!

Randall Tateishi

  • Logan Bean

Logan has an amazing ability to process everything that is going on and consistently deliver solid work. In the last week I have been able to work on 3 of the many projects Logan is managing/producing and it is always a stress-free enjoyable time.

When most people get pulled in many directions and have a lot on their shoulders, they put their head down and get buried in their work. Logan seems to have an innate ability to keep his head up, calmly process change, and adapt so that he never is caught off guard. Logan is a strong leader and is always teaching others. Well done, Logan!

Kurt Daniels

  • Mikey Weller
  • PeterCornwell

This team is solving technical challenges one after another. They are operating together, as a single unit towards a common goal. Thank you team for leaning on your strengths and owning parts of the project which you excel at most.

Marcos Robles

Some of the best human bonds are forged in the fire of disagreement.

Jerry Spinelli