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Operating Value

Be honest. Integrity matters

There's no better foundation for trust and long-term relationships than honesty. From the biggest decisions to the smallest of details, we believe our integrity defines who we are as individuals, as teams, and as a company. Honesty in word and deed allow us to be our best selves short term and rely on each other long term.

Values in action

  • Marcos Robles

I’ve been working with Marcos for a couple months across a few different projects. He stepped into several project that were already in the middle or near the end… a tall task in itself. His timely reports and communications have helped make sure our efforts are moving in the right direction and the clients have visibility.

Marc Wallace

  • Ian McDermott

It’s not just his craftsmanship and tool use that sets him up high, but his constant attitude. Ian is the driving force behind this project being a success. Even when he makes mistakes he shows up to be the one to fix it. His notes are impeccable and I can’t stress enough how much that reflects his character.

Hunter Fite

  • Marc Wallace

Just wanted to say thank you for keeping an ear to the recently estimated work. The project is going smoothly and we are trending to finish on budget and slightly ahead of schedule. ???? Thank you.

Kurt Daniels

  • Khrisna Kamarga

Khrisna, you make the ultimate support gunner. You were added to the project as a support developer but you have made stellar contributions to the entire code base.

Your contributions have yielded considerable praise from our clients. In addition to this, you have played an amazing role as our code quality watchdog, ensuring that every piece of code is up to professional standards and uses the most updated best practices. Your thoughtfulness and conviction in these processes is greatly appreciated. It’s absolutely awesome working with you!

Darshit Dalal

The time is always right to do what is right.

Martin Luther King Jr
Civil Rights Leader