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Operating Value

Frame problems carefully

We approach problems by listening carefully, examining multiple perspectives, and seeking out the why. After gathering context, assumptions, and constraints to create a “beautiful problem,” we set our best thinking free.

Values in action

  • Kurt Daniels

You’re excellent at explaining everything in detail with such tranquility and a positive attitude!

Mariana Araujo

  • Ian McDermott

Ian has really stepped up as a leader for Quality Testing. From identifying problems to articulating possible solutions, providing status updates and keeping the team informed with critical needs — it is highly appreciated! Thanks for your work, Ian!

Haley Arrington

I just want to send a huge “thank you” to Haley for all that she is doing. In her position, she’s been tasked at streamlining and improving quite a number of operations and it’s no small task. I’ve really enjoyed watching and learning from her and seeing her take the reins to succeed. It may seem like nothing but the consistency and effort, week in and week out, have been monumental and we are all better at our roles because of the work that you are doing.

Thank you for all that you do and for the vision that you have for improvement. I appreciate you and all the effort that you put in every day and just keep it going! You are awesome!

Teage Christensen

  • Dean Fortier

Your communication of status, concerns, and next steps have been immensely helpful for keeping the team organized and in the loop. The write up and trade studies you did are framing our decisions both effectively and objectively, and you are excelling with both internal and client expectations management. Thank you for helping to lead the charge!

Matthew Druyos

  • Ben Jordan

Thanks for everything you do in support of all of the projects, the mechanical engineering team, and our clients. Your leadership and contributions are invaluable and I know that your skills in carefully evaluating and analyzing engineering problems ensures we are always on track to deliver.


Marco Micheletti

  • Richard Johnson
  • Ian McDermott

Ian and Rick were not only instrumental in providing recommendations in how we could improve our processes, but also in stepping up and leading the improvements at each shop. Their contributions, ownership, and leadership had a direct impact on delivering Phase 2 on schedule and on budget and while supporting our team!

Marco Micheletti

If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.

Albert Einstein