07 Feedback VDP@2x

Operating Value

Use feedback as a gift for growth

We give feedback from a place of caring and receive it with gratitude, knowing that informal and frequent feedback is one of the fastest ways to grow. To keep a growth mindset and open disposition, we see feedback simply as “data“ to help us learn. “Thank you” and “tell me more” are good examples of a first response if we have a growth mindset and open disposition. If we lack routine feedback, we seek it out.

Values in action

  • Abigail Retherford

From the beginning of this project, Abby has provided a lot of valuable feedback and insight to how the pieces work together. I appreciate her enthusiasm to tackle any issue that arises and her support in helping others onboard. All in all — great team member!

Haley Arrington

  • Armando Luja

I appreciate the time you’ve taken out to help with the project. You provided valuable feedback and put up the extra hours to reach our targets. Thank you very much for your effort and for sharing your knowledge.

Olga Balashova

  • Marc Wallace

I want to shout out Marc for being a motivator. He took the time to schedule a meeting with me, discuss the strengths of my competitive review, discuss the room for growth, and he also gave me actionable advice for how to improve in the future. We also discussed the challenges of working remotely, and he gave me some awesome suggestions about how to overcome them when I’m not in the office, a few feet away from another colleague’s desk.

Thank you for being a motivator and helping me grow!

Ben Spencer

  • Jamie Malsam

Jamie has displayed consistency of leadership, teamwork, and attention to detail. In her role as Project Manager, these are areas that are incredibly important. In addition, Jamie receives feedback well and does an excellent job of applying this feedback to continue to grow in her role. Her positivity and care for others is felt and contributes greatly to the culture at Fresh. All of these efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you, Jamie, for all that you do! You are such an important part of the team.

Natalie Zier

Over the past month or so, I’ve watched Venessa working on her UX and UI design skills. I’ve been impressed with her willingness to seek out new information from the design team, and to take the feedback she’s given to grow her skills. Keep up the great work!

Amber Franz

  • Natalie Zier

Thank you, Natalie for your dedication to improvement! I value your thoughtful feedback and willingness to help me problem solve. I know you have a lot on your plate, so I always appreciate when you take the time to work through solutions with me.

Ella Dorband

In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting rather than threatening….here’s a chance to grow. This is hard. This is fun. A company that cannot self correct cannot thrive.

Carol Dweck