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With some 40,000 high school sporting events scheduled annually, a Statewide Sports Association had a complex task at hand each year in determining who should play who, when and where.  We were asked to develop an algorithm which would schedule all high school sports matches across the state in order to minimize the amount of time students spent driving to away games.  The complex algorithm had constraints and complex variables that required some serious computing.  Several Amazon servers were rented in the cloud to handle the computation.   Below is an image visualizing the data derived and further simplified by Fresh to help the Association make statewide decisions.


Million Dollars in Estimated Savings

Statewide, across 14 varsity sports, total travel time was reduced by over 20%, saving over 132 day’s worth of travel time. With an average of 20 students per team, that’s over 7 years of combined saved student time – and that’s only among varsity-level teams! Estimated comprehensive dollar savings of $7 million.

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