Creating a Compelling
Company Story



Aduro’s mission is to unlock human potential and increase engagement in the workplace. They had an existing coaching platform that brought together rich content and meaningful incentives for organizations and their employees. But the company lacked a website that clearly communicated the unique service they provide and the tangible value their customers can expect by partnering.

Emboldening the Brand

Employee workplace engagement in the US is alarmingly low: 32%, according to a Gallup study. To match Aduro’s mission of increasing engagement, we had the opportunity to enliven their digital presence. In a workshop format, we brought stakeholders, marketers, and designers together to position the brand on a continuum. A personalized and inspirational approach, matched with elements of realism and modernity, were sentiments that guided design and messaging work.



Accurately conveying Aduro’s unique value proposition was essential. To position their company compellingly, we modeled requirements gathering exercises on the Hero’s Journey template. “What’s the call to adventure for site visitors?” “How does Aduro assist them in overcoming trials and crises?” “What results can they expect, and how will they transform?”  The information we gathered played a key role in determining page structure and layout hierarchy.


To support key messages across the site, we created a visual language that depicts real-life people in real-world situations. Iterative sketching captured the nuanced, abstract elements of Aduro’s product. The illustrations and patterns were interwoven thoughtfully with photography of people exhibiting a healthy work-life balance.


Promoting Page Immersion

Web experiences are almost always vertical, with the majority of discovery taking place via scrolling. Because there are so many dimensions to Aduro’s product offering, we made use of the z-axis, creating depth. By clicking on a product solution –– for example, “Mindset & Resilience” –– users learn more about how Aduro engages employees in specific ways, with animations promoting interest and discovery.


Visual Storytelling to Enhance Cognition

We also made use of motion, animated illustrations, and infographic elements to draw users into the content and make it easy to grasp as they scan through information.


Conversion-Driven Design

All of our creative work was aligned closely with Aduro’s marketing team. While an exploratory visual style and a narrative approach to conveying company information provided differentiation, we also implemented strategic UI, improving conversion opportunities. While our approach was creative, focused on compelling company narrative, we ensured Aduro could easily qualify leads and satisfy business KPIs.

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