UI/UX Principle #1: Design Should Focus on an Experience


Advertisers focus on selling to our hearts; why shouldn’t you?

People don’t always remember the details of presented information, but they do remember what they feel. As Geoffrey James states in an article, “[It] is not the information itself that is important, but the emotional effect that the information has on your audience.”

This is why User Experience Design, or UX design, has become such an integral part of web and application design work. UX design should effectively weave together a combination of text, graphics, media, layout, and functionality to create an overall experience for users, not just provide an informational view.  This is why UX often accompanies UI in UI/UX.

Given the quantity and complexity of information we’re swimming in, differentiation with meaning matters.  If you scan through today’s websites, they now incorporate and prioritize more visuals, more story, and more emotion to help convey what matters in the sea of competition.  At the heart,  consumers and customers are looking for something more to connect with.


Jeff Dance


Jeff is Founder and CEO of Fresh Consulting. Formerly a Strategy & Operations Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Jeff brings years of experience in the creative design and digital technology space, building teams and overseeing hundreds of digital projects.