Washington State Student Math Team Shines at ARML Competition

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We’re excited to share the achievements of the Washington State math team at the recent ARML (American Regional Mathematics League) competition held at the University of Nevada, Reno! 

Led by the exceptional coaching of Fresh’s own Jeff Soesbe, these talented mathematicians displayed their intelligence, prowess, and dedication at the competition. Fresh was happy to sponsor the team and provide support, working with Jeff to foster an environment of collaboration and growth. 

If you’re new to this ongoing story, check out our first post on the partnership between Fresh and the Washington State math team. If you’re all caught up, read on!

The winning formula for a remarkable journey

Fresh provided materials, snacks, and dedicated practice space for the team, allowing them to hold effective practice sessions and enjoy the office environment of a Seattle-based tech company. We were happy to support the camaraderie and teamwork crucial to their accomplishments at the competition.

The team sent 38 students and 9 chaperone-coaches to the University of Nevada, Reno, for the competition, and their results were impressive. 

The A1 team delivered an outstanding performance, securing an impressive ninth place out of 115 teams. Their score of 41 points in the Relay category (out of a possible 50) was the highest achieved in the entire competition. They also scored 30 in the Team category, 44 in Power, 41 in Relay, and 79 in Individual, which amounted to an impressive overall score of 194 points.

The A2 team also showcased their skill, achieving a commendable 40th place overall with a score of 121 points (20 Team, 26 Power, 20 Relay, and 55 Individual). This achievement placed them among the top second teams in the country.

The A3 “half-team” joined forces with a “half-team” from the SF Bay Area to form “Alternate Reno 1.” Putting their heads together, the team emerged as the top “Alternate” team at the Western site and the fourth-best alternate team overall. A score of 86 points highlighted their teamwork and individual capabilities.

A spotlight on individual excellence

Over 1,600 students participated in ARML, and the performances of three students from Washington ARML—Vishnu Mangipudi, Immanuel Whang, and Alex Zhao—were enough to earn them a trip to the Tiebreaker round. 

These students exhibited their mathematical expertise, and after a rigorous competition, Immanuel secured an impressive 17th place, while Vishnu achieved a remarkable fifth place. All three students received medals, and Immanuel and Vishnu also received generous cash rewards.

The math checks out: We have a remarkable group of problem solvers on the rise

According to Jeff Soesebe, the outstanding achievements of the Washington State math team at the national ARML competition reaffirm our region’s reputation as one of the best in the country:

“We’ve said that Washington is one of the best regions in the country, and these results underline that. With a little more recruiting and practice, we’re sure that Washington could easily be in the top 5 teams every year. They could even contend for the national championship—anything is possible!” 

The evidence is clear: as the results of this year’s competition highlight, the team’s potential to contend for the highest honor is well-within reach.

The sky is truly the limit for this impressive group of students, and the future is bright for STEM in Washington, as we’ve seen firsthand.

Congratulations are in order

We extend our commendation and admiration to the Washington State math team for their exceptional performance at the national ARML competition, as well as the leadership of Jeff Soesbe. 

The students’ hard work and commitment have yielded outstanding results and set a shining example for future aspiring mathematicians in our state. 

We look forward to witnessing their continued growth as they strive for even greater achievements in mathematics.


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