NFT + Squid Game = Internet Game | NFT Use Cases

NFT squid game

The Internet Game calls itself a Web3 mini-game. It’s a “Battle Royale”-style game that is a creative spin and use case on NFT based-games. The first season had players face off in five games over five days, with a chance to win millions in NFT prizes.

The objective is to not get eliminated. To participate, we preview the game token you need to purchase on OpenSea. You can play the games on the browser, a tablet, mobile device, etc. What’s interesting is that there are no particular skills needed to survive, it’s very much luck based.

Johnny buys two token in two separate wallets and walks through how you can start playing by activating your token. You can see where you rank on the leaderboard as you survive each game. He shares his experience playing the recent psychologically intense mini-games, a memory/matching game and a luck-based game.

As you play, the value of the NFTs continue to go up. We go into potential strategies players could use to invest as well. Finally, we also we talk through why this is significant for entertainment, and how crypto is changing that landscape.

The game returns summer 2022 with gmoney. Check out the NFT prize pool full of blue-chip NFT art, with first place being some of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT art in the video and subscribe for more!

Elisha Terada

Elisha Terada

Technical Innovation Director

Over the last ten years, Elisha has worked closely with clients to pinpoint business growth opportunities using the latest tech innovations. He’s managed and engineered as a core contributor on more than ten SaaS products leveraging web, mobile, and machine learning technologies.

Elisha holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington, is a Certified ScrumMaster, and has spoken at industry events including AIGA HIVE Seattle.

An innovator at heart, he is constantly exploring emerging technology.