Revolutionizing AI Accessibility: How No-code Makes App Creation Available to Everyone

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When we heard about how DALL-E does text-to-image generation and ChatGPT does automatic text completion, Fresh Labs had to be involved since our passion has always been exploring and experimenting with the latest in emerging technologies. After countless hours of prompt testing and image generating, Johnny Rodriguez created a no-code tool for the Fresh marketing team to make social media posts, while I created a fully-integrated web app to generate and organize AI-generated images.

We learned a lot, but wanted to take things to the next level. We got that opportunity when last December, we received an invitation to enter Ben’s Bites AI Hackathon. Our entry was—a no-code app that allows users to connect AI models and build their own AI apps.

Long story short. After putting in 170 hours in seven days, Johnny and I won first place in the competition. Since the end of December, the app has garnered over 13,000 new user sign-ups and 3,500 AI app creations—all before it officially launched. is a platform that allows users to plug in generative AI models to create powerful apps without requiring any coding experience. Users can easily create AI-powered apps, unlocking the potential of AI to build advanced applications. We think the name, Brancher, is in line with its purpose—meaning to “connect or to plug” in French (in fact, ChatGPT was used in the naming process).

By combining generative AI models like GPT-3 and DALL-E, users can build sophisticated apps quickly and easily.’s library of over 100 starter templates shows the range of possibilities that AI can solve—big and small—from helping you find the perfect present for a loved one to running a business competitor analysis.

In the future, the platform will feature further integrations with AI models like Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT, and Midjourney. App monetization is coming, as well as more app customization.

Our goal has always been to make emerging technologies accessible to everyone, and we feel like we’re on the right track by introducing to the world. For the first time, those without technical skills can create their own unique apps! We’re so excited to see users already using their creations to solve their real-world problems.

Johnny Rodriguez, Fresh Labs Director of Strategic Innovation & Co-creator is currently offering new users 100 free credits to build their own app. We’re working hard to expand the platform and reach more users. We’re excited for what’s ahead and hope you join in on our journey of connection and creation. Watch the video below to get started!

Elisha Terada

Elisha Terada

Technical Innovation Director

Over the last ten years, Elisha has worked closely with clients to pinpoint business growth opportunities using the latest tech innovations. He’s managed and engineered as a core contributor on more than ten SaaS products leveraging web, mobile, and machine learning technologies.

Elisha holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington, is a Certified ScrumMaster, and has spoken at industry events including AIGA HIVE Seattle.

An innovator at heart, he is constantly exploring emerging technology.