Fresh Receives Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award for Project Moab

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We’re excited to announce that Fresh received a Red Dot award for the design and engineering of Project Moab. Our multidisciplinary team helped Microsoft AI define and materialize the vision of this machine teaching hardware kit, which placed in the top 1% of project entries to Red Dot this year.

“A playground for mastering intelligent control systems”

Moab is a ball-balancing robot that leverages computer vision and various control methods to balance objects. It onboards users to “machine teaching,” bringing a tangible experience into the hands of a wide range of industry professionals. Engineers without a background in AI can use Moab to create, test, and interact with artificially intelligent models in the physical world.

Paired with Microsoft’s low-code AI development platform called Project Bonsai, the hardware kit aims to inspire Engineers to think beyond object balancing and solve their own novel use cases via intelligent control systems.

Contact us today to learn how Project Moab’s technologies and our multi-disciplinary approach can empower your next business opportunity.


Scotty Paton

Sr. Industrial Designer

Scotty is an award-winning Senior Industrial Designer operating at the intersection of design, engineering, and strategy. He thrives at taking collaborative and iterative approaches to design across multiple disciplines, maximizing project results and delivering client value.

Scotty has a diverse portfolio of client and team projects across home appliances, robotics, powersports, tools, electronic equipment, architecture, and early education. His work has been recognized for several design awards, including Innovation Magazine, IDSA, and a Red Dot “Best of the Best.” He is a graduate of Western Washington University.

Outside of work he enjoys backpacking, watersports, volleyball, guitar, and custom fabrication projects.