Jeff Alexander

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Manufacturing in an Automated Future

The United States is experiencing a resurgence in manufacturing; the sector has been growing year over year and the need to sustain output demands and gains in efficiencies is fueling increases in manufacturing capital investments. 2016 marked a turning point where more new manufacturing jobs were created by companies moving production back to the US
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The Value of Robot-Centered Design

Designers, developers, and engineers have spent vast amounts of time and effort understanding how humans interact with technology. Human-Centered Design The study of human factors guides our knowledge of how our behaviors, beliefs, education level, and past experiences influence how we accept and work with digital tools. Those who create computers, mobile devices, software, hardware,
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AI/Machine Learning, Expertise, Software

The Current State of Edge Computing

Throughout the history of computers, data processing workloads have migrated from company premises to outside data centers to cloud repositories and now to “edge” locations. Why the shift, you might ask? To strengthen the reliability of apps and digital services, reduce costs of running data centers, and lessen the distance information has to travel. That
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AI/Machine Learning, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Expertise, Hardware, Product Development, Software

Autonomous Vehicles – What Should You Expect?

Thanks to modern computing systems, autonomous vehicles have transitioned from the drawing board to the road very quickly. Aside from being immensely convenient and much safer than cars today, self-driving vehicles will affect the way we view transportation, get our work done, reach consumers, transport goods, spend money, and structure cities. As car ownership gives
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Why Planning for an Autonomous Workplace Matters

Robot technology is now sophisticated enough to allow companies to fully or partially automate many of their routine tasks. As a result, developers, engineers, and managers have to start thinking about which different strengths and weaknesses robot and human workers bring. As robots integrate into more workplaces in the future, companies must revisit how to
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The Challenges of Human Augmentation

In Chris Anderson’s book, Makers, he writes: “Computers amplify human potential: they not only give people the power to create but can also spread their ideas quickly, creating communities, markets, even movements.” We’ve witnessed over the past several decades how much of an impact computerizing our world can have. While the concept may seem intimidating
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