9 Key Elements of Great Usability – Our UI/UX Framework


How do you elevate usability from good to great? We examine 9 elements of usability to reinforce strengths and tease out weaknesses. This UI/UX framework addresses existing sites as well as new projects in development.

We believe great usability emerges when design and technology responding to human behavior. Solutions are multi-faceted, smoothing the rough edges of each touch point between user and interface.

Recently we delivered an all-in usability assessment for a large company’s website. Our analysis began by benchmarking industry standards in 30 key criteria across the 9 elements. Then the target site was measured by the same criteria. This results in a scorecard with meaningful context to support conclusions.

We expanded the scorecard to 170 criteria for the target site, considering each touch point within the interface.


Richard Rose


Richard drives strategy and execution related to finance, operations, and growth. Under his leadership, Fresh has scaled operations and tripled its global reach. Prior to joining Fresh, Richard served tech businesses at the largest CPA firm in the Puget Sound region. He received a Masters in Accounting from Brigham Young University, and is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner.