5 Factors for Growth: Becoming Washington’s 3rd Fastest-Growing Private Company


This past year, Fresh Consulting was ranked 3rd out of 100 on the PSBJ’s list of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Washington.

As we receive this incredible honor, we would like to take the time to draw in on the specific factors that led us to this point. How does a company grow 358% over the span of just three years? It all boils down to maintaining a sense of resilience and authenticity. According to our CEO, Jeff Dance, these are the five key factors that continue to incite this rapid growth.

1. Hiring Amazing People

“What we do is special. We have super bright strategists, designers, developers, and engineers. But how we do it helps others want to work with us” – Jeff Dance, CEO

At Fresh, we seek sharp, nice, and motivated individuals to join our team. Combining unique perspectives toward the same end goal opens up the capacity for developing the most innovative projects. Our employees respond positively to collaborating across multiple domains and augmenting their existing skillsets. This type of environment encourages others to want to work with us.

Expanding our production into Portland, Oregon has opened a new world of opportunity for creative offerings. Amidst the recent acquisition of Portland’s Uncorked Studios, we are lucky to bring in a group of like-minded individuals who share the same spirit for innovation.

“They think to build and build to think, and believe in rapid prototyping. That end-to-end vision is unique and we both resonated on strategy and working style. They also had good people at the top, and want to take care of their team. That resonated.” – Jeff Dance, CEO

2. Working with Incredible Clients

Our end-to-end offerings provide us with the privilege of partnering with a wide range of clients and industries. We strive to help others stay relevant and competitive with an overarching goal of achieving concrete results. Sticking with our dependable processes has allowed us to carry out these efforts over hundreds of projects.

These relationships act as a mutual bond for improvement — In collaborating to improve our clients’ operations and customer experiences, we are fueling our own progression.

To ensure this process is the most effective, we are very careful while deciding who we want to partner with. We typically search for companies that possess ambitions and objectives that align with our brand goals.

Fresh’s long-term relationships, like CBRE and T-Mobile, are great examples of companies that value a holistic approach and sleek user experience in their innovations.

3. Having a Growth Mindset

“We believe the companies that learn the fastest win. We’re constantly learning, and we realize making mistakes is part of that. We learned.” – Jeff Dance, CEO

We care about continuously developing and expanding our skills. Instead of viewing a challenge as a setback or an undesirable circumstance, it is considered an opportunity for learning something new. Whether it may be a new concept, skillset, or personal strength, being open to unknown territory holds positive results.

However, it takes a high degree of persistence to get here. Staying motivated and embracing constructive feedback is essential for improvement. Over the years, our team has faced challenges which they have collectively worked through by listening and adjusting where needed. In turn, we are steadily evolving through any obstacles that come our way.

4. Expanding into Hardware & Robotics

“Tomorrow’s digital & technology evolution will include more hardware, AI/ML, AR/VR, IoT, and Robotics. By combining with SiTech, we were able to combine forces faster to work on the future sooner” – Jeff Dance, CEO

Acquiring SiTech Research and Development in January 2018 has streamlined our leap into the digital future. Our hardware team has been an incredible asset to our efforts in designing cutting-edge services and products.

The acquisition has also heightened our ability to offer an unparalleled workplace where employees are able to collaborate cross-functionally, lead innovative projects, and grow into new territory. Our expanding client base is providing opportunities for us all to grow while applying our proven expertise to new domains.

5. Staying True to Our Brand Promise

“At the top, we care about innovation and doing meaningful work together and having a good place to work, not just making a profit.” – Jeff Dance, CEO

Concrete values keep us grounded by helping us visualize and carry out our goals. Sometimes, within a fast-paced environment, it’s possible to lose sight of a company’s fundamental purpose. Our intentions, objectives, and motivations are based off of our list of Company, Team, and Customer Values.

Examples of Successful Ideals Include:

  • Kill your pride to constantly learn anew. In order to grow, it is essential to accept the possibility of failing.
  • Entertain, debate, and challenge for productive friction. Our team is comprised of diverse minds, allowing us to formulate creative solutions.
  • Run for deadlines to finish strong. We hold ourselves accountable by setting concrete deadlines to produce high-quality products.

Through embodying these, we are able to hold ourselves accountable, which leads to consistently producing authentic and credible experiences.

Challenge is Key to Progress

Above all, we believe in consistently remaining relevant by accepting new challenges. In welcoming what feels uncomfortable, we are able to collectively grow into the best versions of ourselves.

Here’s to staying FRESH.


Abbie Owen

Marketing Intern