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Innovative Expression – The Solution

December 10, 2012

We are always searching for innovative ways to amplify the potency of our UX design. Because most readers skim web pages (see Jakob Nielson’s advice), innovative expression requires more than words. Before you publish, consider attention-grabbing alternatives that complement your content.

The Puzzle

To celebrate the birthday of a Fresh team member, we filled the blackboard with non-traditional ways to express his age.  Scan the symbols below to identify the magic number.

Innovative Expression


The answer is thirty-three (33).

The Winner

Congratulations to  Shawn Spendlove, who was the first person to respond correctly.  We sent him an iTunes gift card to celebrate.

Symbols Explained

1. Ancient Babylonian

2. Japanese

3. Sum of the first four factorials

4. Mayan

5. Arsenic, which has a periodic number of 33

6. The international calling code for France

7. Binary

8. Roman numerals

Richard is a Digital Consultant, UX specialist, Certified Public Accountant, Matchwits Champion, life-long logolept, and capsaicin enthusiast.

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