The software as a service (SaaS) sector is vital to the digital economy, providing cloud-based applications to businesses and individuals. Fresh delivers a broad spectrum of SaaS applications, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and analytics platforms.

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Empowering SaaS companies to succeed in a competitive market

SaaS companies are grappling with multifaceted challenges related to differentiation, modernization, and customer retention. Market saturation underscores the importance of carving a unique brand identity and crafting robust customer retention strategies, especially given the subscription-based models that make it easy for customers to switch to competitors. 

Fresh helps SaaS companies navigate challenges such as safeguarding data security, navigating regulatory frameworks, and preventing cyberattacks while keeping pace with technological innovation industry-wide.

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An end-to-end approach for customized SaaS solutions

With strategy, design, and development services, Fresh assists you in transitioning from legacy systems to innovative SaaS solutions or optimizing your existing systems in response to market shifts.

Across a range of B2B and B2C use cases, we deliver flexible, user-centric platforms to respond to the multifaceted needs of your users. 

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Strategic services to help SaaS providers lead

The Fresh team works with your team via ongoing consultation and support. We help your organization identify opportunities for optimization, build an accelerator roadmaps, and develop robust, scalable SaaS platforms.

Choosing a reliable cloud service provider (like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud) and building the appropriate tech stack is essential to ensuring scalability, availability, and performance.

Example use cases:

+ Application hosting
+ Scalable storage
+ Development and testing environments
+ Access management
+ IoT integration
+ Multi-tenancy
+ Microservices

Fresh develops custom APIs, helps you choose off-the-shelf options to integrate your platform with other services and applications, and creates documentation materials for your developers and end-users.

Example use cases:

+ Third-party integrations
+ Customization and extensibility
+ Authentication and authorization
+ Real-time data feeds
+ Microservice architecture
+ Automated workflows
+ Event-driven architecture
+ Service discovery
+ Load balancing

Fresh implements secure user authentication, permission, and role-based access control to protect user accounts and organizational data. Security and data protection are core components in every SaaS application we create.

Example use cases:

+ Single Sign-On (SSO)
+ Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
+ OAuth/OpenID Connect integration
+ User session management
+ Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
+ API security
+ Audit trails for platform activity
+ Password policies and account recovery features

While building SaaS applications, the Fresh development team helps your organization meet compliance standards, follow data protection and privacy measures, and create platforms catered to your entire user base.

Example use cases:

+ Web content accessibility
+ Data protection and privacy (GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.)
+ Audit logs and audit preparation
+ Multi-factor authentication
+ Role-based permissions and access control
+ Accessible UI interfaces

Fresh guides your team in selecting the appropriate database service, considering scalability, performance, and data modeling. We can train your team to follow best practices for application security to protect sensitive information and optimize your platform for real-time insights and analysis.

Example use cases:

+ Pricing optimization
+ User segmentation and targeting
+ Fraud detection and security
+ Performance monitoring
+ Customer support
+ Predictive maintenance

In addition to principle-driven software development, the Fresh team ensures your application works across targeted devices and browsers.

Example use cases:

+ Responsive web design
+ Mobile application development
+ React Native, Angular, and other leading frameworks
+ Offline access and synchronization
+ Device-specific feature integration
+ User interface adaptability
+ Continuous testing and deployment

Communication is central to SaaS platforms and to customer loyalty. The Fresh team can integrate support channels with your platform, including live chat, email, ticketing systems, announcements, and updates about versions and critical features.

Example use cases:

+ Help desk and ticketing
+ Generative AI
+ Natural language processing
+ Live chat support and chatbots
+ Email integration
+ Knowledge base and FAQs
+ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality
+ Push notifications
+ In-app messages

Fresh guides development teams to adopt DevOps practices and implement workflows for continuous integration, testing, and deployment. Streamlining development is essential for competitive SaaS companies, and Fresh provides consultation to help you stand up DevOps processes faster.

Example use cases:

+ Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
+ Infrastructure as Code
+ Terraform development
+ Microservices deployment
+ Containerization
+ Orchestration
+ Monitoring and logging
+ Configuration management
+ Resource optimization
+ Security and compliance