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Operating Value

Take ownership

We hold ourselves accountable for our part + the team’s commitment. Outcomes are more important than output. Ownership is a form of leadership, and we take responsibility to see it, own it, solve it, and do it.

Values in action

  • Randall Tateishi

From the coordination of updating refactoring to the consulting with the architect on how we need to make things better, Randall continues to show comprehension and ownership of our client’s entire platform and it is seen by all. I cannot appreciate this enough!

Sean Patterson

  • John Houston

John, thanks for working hard to help create workshop content that will both educate and excite kids 🙂 You’ve also shown flexibility and commitment, and we appreciate that!

Anna McCallon

  • Michelle Tolfa

Michelle autonomously stepped up and took the technical lead on projects to drive clarity and focus to the team. Thank you for taking action and guiding the project.

Joshua Hockett

  • Nissa Van Meter
  • Joshua Hockett

Nissa & Josh came, they saw, and they conquered!

Together they make an unbeatable team that takes control of projects with a fierce attitude and a smile that scares adversity away.

So happy to have you on the team! Thank you for all your work, dedication and, above all, willingness to help! You are true team players! 🙂

Mariana Araujo

Raghav, I am super amazed at the pace that you picked up the skills needed for this project. You’ve quickly grown into the main contributor in our project because of your excellent technical collaboration skills and your passion to deliver. Thanks for all the extra effort you’ve put to the team.

Khrisna Kamarga

  • James Lorentson

Shout out to James — he jumped into the project at the start of a sprint, and really owned his portion of the project. Impressive research deck and thoughtful wireframes — James makes a great addition to the team and I think the client is going to love his work.

Amber Franz

A sense of ownership is the most powerful weapon a team or organization can have.

Pat Summitt
American collegiate women's basketball coach and Women’s Basketball Hall of Famer