15 Trophy VDP@2x

Operating Value

Deliver high quality

We are recognized by the deliverables we create and the work that we do, externally and internally. We want to be known for delivering high-quality results that make our clients and our team feel successful.

Values in action

  • Gene Hancock

Gene, thanks for your selfless contributions in this group of projects. Everything you do helps us achieve our goals of shipping high-quality products to our client and keeps them coming back for more. We appreciate you stepping in when necessary to help us work on a test plan or to even perform some testing to help hit a delivery date. Shipping product is always great and we couldn’t do it without you!

Marcos Robles

  • Jessie Cunningham

“I have no doubt, Fresh was by far the best choice.” This was the feedback I received from our client upon seeing the final designs. They’ve already suggested future work with Fresh Consulting. A very large reason why this project has been so successful is Jessie. From day 1, Jessie demonstrated what a true Fresh consultant is capable of. Thank you, Jessie, for your dedication to excellence! We’re all lucky to have you.

Jonathan Gardner

  • Justin Brunson

At a recent event, our client was singing our praises for the recent video work we did for them. They were thrilled with the impressive turnaround time and quality of the work thanks to Justin.

Matthew MacKay

  • Elliott Stryjak

Elliott consistently gives 110% in everything he does and is always there to help where needed. I really appreciate his incredible quality and attention to detail.

Ian McDermott

  • Jeff Bick

Anytime our paths cross, Jeff has added value, insightful direction, solid support, and been a great face to the company. Jeff has high standards of quality that result in great deliverables going out Fresh’s doors. Really appreciate his leadership and partnership.

Chris Woodhouse

  • Kevin Ulrich

Once again Kevin is praised by the client on how great he is, which is no surprise. He is so good that he is setting the client’s expectation bar, which is representative of Kevin’s caliber. Always on point, available and receptive, he communicates everything clearly (roadblocks, updates, highlights, etc) and the client just loves him.

Well done, Kevin! I’m really glad to be working side by side with you again.

Mariana Araujo

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

Henry Ford
Founder of the Ford Motor Company and chief developer of the assembly line