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Operating Value

Love your customer

As an innovative services company, we love our customers and care about their results, honoring our commitment to value. Good relationships will always be at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Values in action

  • Fraser Midstokke

I super value your optimistic can do attitude, and I believe this helps lead people to success. You dig in and root out problems, and help guide people to the solution. Your, “we’ll find a way” high customer empathy is the right attitude to have, as we continue to grow our business and company.

Your flexibility is helping us find creative alternative solutions to how we operate as a company and team. Simultaneously, through those solutions, you’re building up the team and giving team members opportunity to grow into near areas they might not have had the opportunity to learn elsewhere in another company — love this. Thank you, Fraser, for making a positive difference.

Mitch Tolson

  • Russell Calhoun
  • Xi Li

I was recently onboarded as the PM for this project and it has been amazing to have Russ and Xi on this project. You can tell they care about their work and the client’s success. They make themselves available whenever they are needed and both are fantastic communicators. You won’t be successful on these types of projects unless you are extremely detailed oriented and meticulous. Both Xi and Russ are.

Thanks so much for making my transition to this project a dream. ????

Kurt Daniels

  • Kyle Skelton

Really impressed with Kyle’s work ethic and his development as an engineer. He figures out what needs to be done and gets it done. He works late when he is needed and always keeps the customer and their needs in mind. I am grateful to have him on the team.

Benjamin Jordan

  • Sean McKay

Sean was brought on to a project for a part-time engagement. He has ended up staying on the team full time, putting in 100s of hours of time helping the our client’s team work through issues and get the platform ready to launch. Sean stayed on super late last night to help troubleshoot and solve issues so that we could go live today. This morning he has been on first thing helping with the same.

Sean, the service you provide our clients and the care that you have for your projects is appreciated more than words can ever say, even when those words are in Klingon.

Jamie Malsam

  • Sean Patterson
  • Sean McKay
  • Will Lingard

Thank you to this all-star developer team for the hard work and dedication you put towards the project. I got continuous feedback from the client about how much they enjoyed the partnership and leadership that this team brought to their project.

Venessa de Lisle

  • Anatolie Bogdan
  • Jirayu Yingthawornsuk
  • Jesse Bufkin

These team members have been working relentlessly to deliver on an incredibly complex project, working overtime well into their evenings, weekends, and holidays to produce an amazing result. Thank you for caring about the success of our client and the success of the work we’re doing together.

Venessa de Lisle

Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are. It is a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do, if you are to bring it to your customer interactions.

Betsy Sanders
Former Nordstrom VP and GM