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Operating Value

Be bold, be humble

Both hard-earned, confident experience and spontaneous, fresh thinking are due equal respect because both are required for innovation. Similarly, being bold and being humble are two of the strongest leadership qualities when held in healthy balance. This starts with routinely checking our ego at the door, but also being bold consultants who don’t minimize our voice.

Values in action

  • Amber Franz

You could visibly see the confidence and excitement build in the client as Amber began to probe and ask initial questions. Amber’s humble yet confident approach is a perfect fit that reassures clients of Fresh’s ability to really co-create with them and integrate into their teams while providing the high-quality value they expect. Love your work and what you bring to the team. Thanks, Amber.

Matthew MacKay

  • Greg Starr

Greg has been one of the easiest people to work with from day one. His calm demeanor and “can-do” attitude are refreshing during crunch time. If he’s on my project I know things are going to be taken care of. Thanks for all you do, Greg!

Haley Arrington

  • Marc Wallace

I’m truly impressed how Marc W. manages to be such a natural leader at the same time he is such a fast and great designer. He really knows how to capture information—whether it’s data or a client’s needs—immediately!

Mariana Araujo

  • Andrew Phan

It doesn’t get said enough, but Andy has been absolutely amazing to work with. His on-ramping was lightning fast, and he has never hesitated to step in and take ownership of system improvements regardless of whether they play to his strengths or are totally outside of his specialization. He is both confident and humble, and he has never failed to exceed expectations.

Matt Druyos

  • Jamie Malsam

Love working with Jamie as she quietly just gets things done. She is great at communicating, making sure our team is aware of risks so we can adjust our plan. Her balance of serious and fun attitude keeps the project moving in a positive direction.

Marc Wallace

  • Malinda Elien
  • Ben Jordan

Ben & Malinda are both incredibly smart in their expertise, and use their in-depth knowledge as a guiding force to lead their teams to success. Working with them is always a pleasure and I look forward to continue being under their leadership!

Conor Wolfin

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

Margaret Fuller
Journalist and women’s rights advocate